DateDescription City
Jul. 9 (Wed) Visit the Forbidden City, the best-reserved imperial palace in the world, Tian’an Men Square, the Temple of Heaven, and enjoy a Chinese Opera in the evening Beijing
Jul. 10 (Thur)
Excursion to the Great Wall, one of the Eight Wonders of the World, celebrate with Beijing students in hand-in-hand, friend-by-friend activities; visit the Imperial Ming Tombs in the afternoon, and enjoy the renowned Peking Duck Feast in the evening Beijing
Jul. 11 (Fri) Visit the emperor’s Summer Palace, a preview of the beautiful new developments for the 2008 Olympics, then board a train to Xian the ancient capital of 11 Dynasties of China, rich in historical sites. Beijing-Xian
Jul. 12 (Sat) Visit Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses, which is recognized by UNESCO as the Eighth Wonder of the World, and The Mausoleum of the Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di, enjoy an imperial Dumpling Banquet and Tang Dynasty Dance Performance in the evening Xian
Jul. 13 (Sun) Visit the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and the ancient City Wall, fly to Xiamen Xian-Xiamen
Jul. 14 (Mon) Opening Ceremony, Program Orientation and Campus Tour Xiamen
Jul. 16 (Wed) Seminar: Chinese History Xiamen
Jul. 18 (Fri) Xiamen is one of largest oil painting suppliers market in the world, this afternoon, we feature an off campus visit famous Oil Painting Street and workshops. Take a half cycle island tour Xiamen
Jul. 21 (Mon) A cruise to the island of Gulangyu, morning tour visits Riguang Rock, afternoon tour visits the Fairland Shuzhuang Garden, Museum of Pianos, relax and have fun on the beautiful beach and taste unique local cuisine. Xiamen
Jul. 23 (Wed) Seminar: Chinese Economics Xiamen
Jul. 25 (Fri) In the afternoon, take an off campus visit World Class Corporations and Special Economic Development Zones Xiamen
Jul. 27 (Sun) Selective sports in the afternoon Xiamen
Jul. 28 (Mon) Excursion for Today: Hiking in scenic road in the Ten Thousand Stones Botanical Garden, champion for climbing to the peak of Wu Lao Peak, then down to the famous Buddhist Nanputuo Temple, enjoy a delicious and healthy vegetarian cuisine.  
Jul. 30 (Wed) Seminar: Chinese Culture Xiamen
Aug. 1 (Fri) In the afternoon, off campus visit to High Tech Companies in Special High Tech Industrial Zone Xiamen
Aug. 3 (Sun) Issuing Certificate and Farewell Ceremony. Followed by taking a train to mysterious Wu Yi Mountain which is listed by UNESCO as world's natural and cultural heritage site Xiamen-WuYi
Aug. 4 (Mon) Hiking in the first mountain in Linwu- visit its peak, pavilion, flax ravine. Take an ancient style bamboo raft down to the Nine Bend River through every turn and twist of the 18 kilometer Jiuqu Stream, you will be refreshed and rejuvenated by one of China’s five major nature conservation areas – Wuyi State Nature Reserve. visit Zhu Xi memorial museum, Wuyi palaces and appreciate the tea art performance of Wuyi. Wu Yi
Aug. 5 (Tue) The morning, Travel the excellent place in the mountain, The afternoon, visit south of the mountains; Scenic spots include the Little Peach Blossoms Garden (Xiaotaoyuan), Water Screen Cave (Shuiliandong), Floating Fragrance Valley (Liuxiangjian), and A Shot of Sky (Yixiantian). Fly to Shanghai.
Wu Yi -Shanghai 
Aug. 6 (Wed)Take a bus to Suzhou which is known as “Venice of the East.” Visit its classic gardens and the silk workshops of the Embroidery Research Institute. Shanghai-Suzhou-Shanghai
Aug. 7 (Thur)  Tour of the Bund, Yu Garden and the Jade Buddha Temple back in Shanghai. A visit to the renowned Shanghai Museum, and the famous Children’s palace where you will meet China’s young generation. Enjoy an exciting acrobatic show tonight Shanghai