Core Academic Program

The core program of the summer school focuses on Mandarin and mathematics.

As big business globalizes into China and international culture exchange flourishes, Mandarin is becoming a very important language. Our program caters to the growing demand for learning Chinese. We offer two levels of Mandarin, basic and advanced. Basic is suitable for students with no prior exposure to Mandarin, whereas the advanced program is for students who have had experience in learning Chinese. Through our summer session, students will learn and/or improve Mandarin listening, reading, writing and speaking skills not only in the classroom, but also through living in China and experiencing the Chinese culture. Our selective courses, afternoon activities, weekly trips and weekend outings are all designed to support language learning and cultural enrichment. In addition, we pair each international student with a Chinese student who is bilingual in English to help international students learn Mandarin efficiently and effectively.

The stereotype that Chinese students are good at math definitely has its truth. Our mathematics program is designed to arouse a liking for math in our students, rather than fear. Math is easy, not hard; it can be fun, not boring, and useful, rather than pointless. While cultivating a positive attitude, we aim to advance our student’s understanding of math through repetition, exercises, and friendly competitions.