Core Courses

Students are required to take one Mandarin class and one mathematics course for their core classes in the morning.

Core Period I

Basic Mandarin

This is an introductory course to Mandarin that teaches pronunciation, basic vocabulary and grammar. Through role playing of daily situations, students will also learn common expressions.

Advanced Mandarin

Students attending this class must have had at least one year of Mandarin. This course will help them enhance their fluency, pronunciation, accent and oral skills. We will also tackle new vocabulary through reading and writing.

Core Period II

Triple Math: Algebra, Geometry & Trigonometry

Algebra Section (Week 1):

Topics covered in this course include linear and quadratic equations, the laws of exponents, radical and rational functions, solving equations and inequalities, polynomials and factoring techniques. We will also tackle exercises with word problems.

Geometry Section (Week 2):

In this course, we will explore parallel lines and planes, properties of triangles, quadrilaterals and circles, congruent and similar triangles, areas of polygons, and coordinate geometry.

Trigonometry Section (Week 3):

Students will thoroughly examine the six trigonometric functions of sine, cosine, tangent, arcsine, arccosine, arctangent, and their graphic properties. Important topic covered include the Pythagorean identities, sum and difference identities, double angle and half angle identities, law of sines and law of cosines, and special triangles.

SAT Math Preparation

The goal of this course is to prepare students for the type of mathematical problems seen on the SATs. We will emphasize tough topics such as exponential growth, absolute value, function notation, linear functions, exponent manipulations, and properties of tangent lines. Students will also familiarize with tactics of solving multiple choice questions.

Introduction to Calculus

For students who intend to take AB or BC calculus, this course provides a fundamental understanding of limits and derivatives. At the conclusion of the course, students will be able to compute limits, simple derivatives, and interpret the graphical relationship between a function, tangent at a point, and the function’s derivative. Due to limited time and the difficulty of this subject, we will not cover integrals.

Selective Courses

Selective Period III

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese belief system centered around achieving harmony with nature.  In this selective, you'll study the history of Feng Shui's origination and basic Feng Shui elements and rules.  This is a fun freshing course combining geographical, religious, philosophical, aesthetic and astrological ideas.

Chinese Cuisine

In this course, students will learn that the unique Chinese cuisine spans far beyond Dim Sum and Sesame Chicken.  Through learning about the different elements that characterize folk foods from different regions, and the flavor as well as health aspects of different herbs, students will develop healthy and long life nutrition and eating knowledge.  Students will also taste different foods and even learn to cook some simple dishes.

Selective Period IV

Massage Basics

Massage, the practice of applying pressure, tension, motion and vibration to parts of the body, is known to have theraputic benefits that range from relaxation, destressing, to even curing certain minor ailments.  This class combines biology with Chinese culture.  Students will learn about certain key pressure points and how they affect one's body and wellness. 

Oil Painting and Oriental Art

This class will introduce students to different forms of oriental art and Chinese folk customs.  Students will use different media to express themselves and create unique souvenirs of their experience in China.  The location of our summer camp in Xiamen gives our students a great exposure to oil painting.  Although originated in Europe, oil painting has culturally diffused to China and become especially popular in Xiamen, now one of the largest international supplier of oil paintings.  This course is a fun intro art class for students with no art experience, and also serves as a eye widening addition to the repertoire of students with previous experience in art.

Note: If the total enrollment for any course is relatively low, the class will be cancelled and students enrolled in that class will be automatically enrolled in the other class offered during the same period.  Math classes are an exception, students will enter a 1st choice and 2nd choice.  If a math class is cancelled, all students of that class will default to their second choice.